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Dianne Evans (Chair) Tel: 07521092920
or 01469541514
Cllr Anita Morbin (Vice Chair) 40 St Denys Close, South Killingholme DN40 3EX Tel:
Cllr Pam Crofts Pharis, Primitive Chapel Lane, South Killingholme DN40 3BU Tel: 01469 540921
Email: pammyskz@gmail.com
Cllr Joan Hesketh Tel:
Cllr Ken Hesketh Tel: 01469 540583
Cllr Colin Hooker Tel: 0787 4279923
Cllr Graham Hooker Tel: 07869 782198
Cllr Pauline Hull Tel: 01469 540539
Cllr Lillian Jervis Tel: 07713 498836
Cllr Maureen Price Tel: 01469 541492
Cllr Dot Robinson Tel: 01469 450886
Ferry Ward Councillors
Cllr Peter Clark 5 The Spinney, Barrow Upon Humber, North Lincs DN19 7AA Email: peterclark777@btinternet.com
Cllr David Wells Peacevilla, 21 Kings Road, Barnetby, North Lincs DN38 6HF Email: cllr.davidwells@northlincs.gov.uk
Cllr Richard Hannigan 24 East End, Kirmington, North Lincs DN39 6YS Email: cllr.richardhannigan@northlincs.gov.uk

Parish Council Register of Interests
Please follow the link below for information on councillor's interests.

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